West Henly Boil Shack was created from many dreams, ideas, random thoughts, head-butts, and great input from partners, friends, family, and the wonderful Hill Country community.

When making many trips from Austin to the Hill Country to relieve stress, get the ticker to beat a little slower and leave the hustle and bustle of the city, we made it a goal to purchase a property in the area. We were very fortunate to find this special place in 2010. The original property was situated on 3.5 acres, and contained the former Armadillo Ice House. An adjacent 3.5 acre oak-filled lot was purchased in 2013, providing 7 beautiful acres to stretch the limbs, and enjoy the beautiful Hill Country.

Improvements to the acreage and original structure have been made throughout the years. Our future plans on how to share the property with the community were carefully debated. In the interim we decided to name the place West Henly Country Club, “Non Members Only”. We had a few private gatherings, weddings, fundraisers, Super Bowl parties, and sometimes depressing birthday celebrations, depending on where someone was in the aging process.

Given our connection to the legendary The Shoal Creek Saloon in Austin, we decided the most logical course would be to utilize the expertise of The Shoal Creek Saloon’s owner and longtime general manager, who are both partners in this endeavor. One of our primary goals was to boil the best Crawfish, Shrimp and fixins in the area. So a state-of-the-art boiling room was constructed. Hence, we decided to rename the place West Henly Boil Shack.

Our hopes were to open in 2015. However, due to a major flood on Memorial Day weekend in 2015 The Shoal Creek Saloon was inundated with water. The video from interior cameras captured the event, which went viral and was viewed worldwide. Needless to say, our plans were put on hold. A billboard next to the property had already been leased with the expectation of our 2015 opening. Committed to renting the billboard, we decided to place our own public service announcement on it: “Drive Friendly In West Henly”. The public service announcement is now displayed on the outdoor stage.

With hard work, sweat, tears and sacrifice, we are now ready to expose the awesomeness of the West Henly Boil Shack to the wonderful residents and visitors to the area. To Eat, Drink and Be Friendly in West Henly are our new goals for the future.